When Will WAEC Witheld Results Be Out For 2022 [All You Need To Know]

When Will WAEC Witheld Results Be Out For 2022

2022 WAEC Witheld Results, When Will 2022 WAEC Witheld Results Be Out?, When Will WAEC Witheld Results Be Out For 2022?, What To Do If Your WAEC Result Is Witheld?.

If you are among the set of candidates whose WAEC result are being Witheld, we have got you covered in this article.

In this article, we will be showing you everything you need to know about WAEC Witheld Results, Why Your WAEC Result is Witheld And you will get to know the possible solution and when to expect 2022 WAEC Witheld Results.

Without wasting much of our time, let’s go straight to the point.

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Why Is Your WAEC Result Witheld?

Your WAEC result is being Witheld because your centre is probably reported to engage in Examination Malpractice which against the examination body rules.

Your WAEC result could also be witheld if the examination body noticed some irregularities at your centre.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) will hold NEC meeting to decide if the held results would be released or not.

After concluding the NEC meeting, some decisions would be made. It is either some held results would be released why some held results would be cancelled after through verification.

But be rest assured, if your centre is free from examination malpractice, Your result would be released but if your centre is found guilty, your held result would be cancelled.

When Will WAEC Witheld Results Be Out For 2022

As at the time of this publication, there is no fixed date for that. If there is any announcements, we will update this post.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) 2022 Witheld results would be released after the NEC Meeting.

Is 2022 WAEC Witheld Results Out?

No! WAEC 2022 Witheld Results Is Not Yet Out.

This literally means that The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has not yet released the 2022 Witheld Results.

What To Do If Your WAEC Result Is Witheld

  • We will advice you to apply for the ongoing WAEC GCE form before the application deadline. The registration would be closing on 30th Of August, 2022.
  • If you already sat for the June/July NECO SSCE, just be rest assured that your result will be okay
  • You can obtain NECO GCE Form, the registration deadline is 24th Of November, 2022
  • Lastly, wait till WAEC releases 2022 Witheld Results. But note, not all WITHELD results would be released.
When Will WAEC Witheld Results Be Out For 2022

How To Check 2022 WAEC Witheld Results

  • Log in to https://waecdirect.org
  • Enter your examination number
  • Enter your examination year
  • Enter your examination type e.g (school candidates or private candidates)
  • Enter your personal identification number (PIN)
  • Enter your serial number
  • Click on submit
  • A page will pop up displaying your results

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3 thoughts on “When Will WAEC Witheld Results Be Out For 2022 [All You Need To Know]

    1. Hi, Ede

      It doesn’t compulsory that a subject must be cancelled before releasing the held results.

      If a subject is cancelled, there is no probability that the result would be released.

  1. Good day to you over there. I have observed that May/June results that were withheld by WAEC body is deliberately to some schools that doesn’t engaged in any form of exams malpractice in Ondo state. Infact, we are still waiting for the NEC meeting that have the authority to withheld or release any results after they might have carry out their investigation. Finally, some schools will take WAEC body to court on this issues. I rest my case.

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