How To Calculate LASU Aggregate Score

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In thks article, I will be showing you how to calculate Lagos State University (LASU) Aggregate Score. LASU uses your JAMB score and O’level result to get an aggregate score. It is this aggregate score that will be used as final consideration for admission.

JAMB score has a percentage of 50% why your Olevel Result also has a percentage of 50%

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LASU O’level Result Grading System

Below is how LASU O’level Result is being graded to calculate your total aggregate score.

  • A1=10
  • B2=9
  • B3=8
  • C4=7
  • C5=6
  • C6=5

UTME Point

As earlier stated, your UTME has takes a percentage of 50%. To calculate your UTME point, all you need is to divide your UTME score by 8.

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How To Calculate LASU Aggregate Score

  • Step 1: Divide your UTME score by 8
  • Step 2: Calculate your O’level Result point
  • Step 3: sum up your UTME% and your O’level Result% that will give you a total aggregate score. That’s how you can calculate LASU Aggregate Score.

For instance,

Step 1: MySchoolPlug had 280 in UTME, to obtain MySchoolPlug UTME percentage, we will divide MySchoolPlug UTME score by 8 i.e 280/8=35%

Step 2: MySchoolPlug had 5 A1s in all five subjects relating to his field of study that will be 10+10+10+10+10=50%

Step 3: To calculate MySchoolPlug LASU Aggregate Score, all you need to do is to sum up UTME point and O’level point. i.e 35%+50%=85%. That’s how you can calculate LASU Aggregate Score.

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