How To Calculate UNIOSUN Screening Aggregate

How To Calculate UNIOSUN Screening Aggregate

Are you an Aspirant of The Osun State University (UNIOSUN)?, And you want to know how UNIOSUN calculate their POST UTME Screening Aggregate Score?.

If you answered yes, this post is extremely for you as we will be showing you detailed steps on how to calculate UNIOSUN screening aggregate score.

If you are an Aspirant of The Osun State University (UNIOSUN), it is important for you to know how to calculate UNIOSUN POST UTME screening aggregate score.

We urge all Aspirants of The Osun State University (UNIOSUN) to read this information in full and pass it to other aspirants.

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UNIOSUN POST UTME Screening Grading System

  • JAMB=60%
  • O’level Result=40%
  • Total=100%

UNIOSUN O’level Result Grading System

  • A1=8
  • B2=7
  • B3=6
  • C4=5
  • C5=4
  • C6=3
  • D7=2
  • E8=1
  • F9=0

Note: Your must calculate for five relevant subjects relating to your course of study including English Language and Mathematics.

How To Calculate UNIOSUN Screening Aggregate

  • Step 1: Multiply your JAMB score by 60 and divide the result by 400
  • Step 2: Add up your O’level Result points for five relevant subjects
  • Step 3: Add up the result obtained from Step 1 and Step 2 above.


  • Assuming MYSCHOOLPLUG is a science student aspiring for Nursing Science, and he scored 280 in JAMB it would be graded as 280 × 60/400=42%
  • Using Nursing as a case study, MYSCHOOLPLUG must calculate for English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Note: Mathematics is Compulsory For All Courses.

Below Is MYSCHOOLPLUG O’level Result

  1. English=A1
  2. Mathematics=B2
  3. Physics=B3
  4. Chemistry=C5
  5. Biology=C4. MYSCHOOLPLUG O’level Result Total Aggregate equals 8+7+6+5+4= 30%

This means that MYSCHOOLPLUG UNIOSUN Screening Aggregate Score equals to 70%.

This means that MYSCHOOLPLUG who is a Nursing aspirant at The Osun State University (UNIOSUN) has a total POST UTME Screening Aggregate of 70% and with this, there is 90% assurance of being admitted.

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