How To Calculate EKSU POST UTME Screening Aggregate Score 2022/2023

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In this article, I Will be showing you how to Calculate Ekiti State University (EKSU) POST UTME Screening Aggregate Score 2022/2023. If you have been been searching for “How to calculate EKSU Aggregate Score, How to calculate EKSU Post UTME screening aggregate 2022/2023, how to calculate EKSU Screening score 2022/2023, Does EKSU Accept Second choice, Does EKSU Write POST UTME, you are on the right page. Kindly take a look at the below details.

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How To Calculate Ekiti State University (EKSU) POST UTME Screening Aggregate Score 2022/2023

JAMB% + Olevel%=Total Screening Aggregate. JAMB% is 50 while Olevel below is 50.

O’level Result Grading System: A1=8 B2=7 B3=6 C4=5 C5=4 C6=3 D7=2 E8=2

UTME Grading System: Your JAMB Score divided by 400 multiply by 50

Below is how you can calculate EKSU Screening Aggregate Score, EKSU Post UTME Screening Aggregate, EKSU Aggregate Score.

1. Add up your five relevant subjects score relating to your field of study divided by 40 and multiply by 50. e.g, MYSCHOOLPLUG had A1 in all 5 relevant subjects 8*5 or 8+8+8+8+8=40/40×50=50% which means MYSCHOOLPLUG has 50% in Olevel Result

2. Your JAMB score divided by 400×50. Assuming MYSCHOOLPLUG had 241 in JAMB, it would be calculated as 241/400×50=30%.

3. Therefore, MYSCHOOLPLUG total aggregate would be O’level% + JAMB%=Total Aggregate e.g 50+30=80% That’s how you can calculate Ekiti State University (EKSU) Post UTME Screening Aggregate Score.

Does EKSU Accept Second choice ?

No, Ekiti State University (EKSU) does not accept second choice. The Ekiti State University only considered candidates who choose them as their first choice of institution, for this reason, EKSU only accept First choice.


No. EKSU doesn’t write post UTME

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EKSU Cut Off Mark 2022/2023


Note: EKSU Cut Off Mark is yet to be announced for 2022/2023, the above one is for 2021/2022.

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